My name is Denis Belair,

I'm a illustrator, designer, web designer. I'm passionate about what I do and what I do is pretty damn AWESOME!


Ever since I was young i was always told I had a keen eye for the arts. My attention to details and quality often caused people to gasp at the greatness of my illustrations. Before the age of 7,  I already had 11 masterpieces on the family fridge. (the average for most kids that age was only 5!) Years later I realized i should not take these skills for granted. it was since that day my goal was to create illustrations and design for a living.


I did my studies at College Boreal in the 2D/3D animation program. During my three years of studies my ultimate goal was to improve my illustration and design skills. I succeeded. Awesome became AWESOMER. During the past three years, I've been working at a print shop (Rytec Printing) as graphic designer.


I often find myself staying up at night, drinking way too much coffee and illustrating some new characters for a comic-book idea I`ll just ditch the follow day for a even better concept. My creativity is always on the go and just when it seems I hit my peek I hit a new horizon of ideas. That`s when I thought, "Hey, I'm damn well good at what I do!  I have plenty of experience under my belt,.So why not bring my skills to a wider audience and make a little cash?". Seems pretty logical, if your good at something, might as well make some doe doing what you love doing.

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Phone: 613 204 6376             Email: denisbelair@live.com